Introducing AccountRight Live API v2

What's new & what's changed in AccountRight Live API v2?

  Date Updated: Aug 12th 2013

New Version Header

How to reference the versions

The AccountRight Live API expects a custom header which is used for version management. You simply pass x-myobapi-version: in your header to tell us which version you wish to use. More information on headers can be found here.

Here's an example of a header that calls the version 2 api - note the x-myobapi-version: is set to v2.

Authorization: Bearer [OAUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN]
x-myobapi-cftoken: ABCta353c5R6YXRvcjo=
x-myobapi-key: [API_KEY_HERE]
x-myobapi-version: v2

(replaces Id)

Improving record identifications

The AccountRight Live API v2 introduces immutable GUIDs for records ensuring cleaner tracking of entities across systems.


The unique identifier Id used in our v1 contracts has been completely removed from all entities and replaced with UID a guid identifier.


The new unique identifier UID (a guid) is used in all entities and looks something like "UID": "e10cafcd-ae50-41d9-8cd2-6d5cfbd7692e"


Customer facing IDs

AccountRight Live API v2 introduces the concept of a DisplayID which is the ID used for any given endpoint when displayed in the AccountRight Live application. This can contain different information depending on the endpoint you are referencing. Here's some examples.


All contact cards will now include DisplayID which is the card id value of the contact.

This contact displayID will now look like "DisplayID": "CUS00001"


All accounts will now include DisplayID which is the full account number including the separator.

This account displayID will now look like "DisplayID": "1-1100"

General Journal

All general journal entries will now include DisplayID which is the journal number.

This general journal displayID will now look like "DisplayID": "GJ000001"

Foreign Keys

Making data retrieval easier

AccountRight Live API v2 will now include objects nested within certain endpoints - referenced by a foreign key. For example an account endpoint carries a foreign key to the tax code table.

Version 1 simply returned the TaxCodeID in this format "TaxCodeId": "N-T". Version 2 will fetch more data and return the following as part of the account response

"TaxCode": {
  "UID": "d2e0a576-3249-4797-8ca5-e1c87117da98",
  "Code": "N-T",
  "URI": "{domain}/AccountRight/{cfguid}/GeneralLedger/TaxCode/{UID}"


Updated to /personal/

AccountRight Live API v2 sees a change to the /PersonalCard/ endpoint. This is now in line with the other contact end points and now is called simply /personal/.

Endpoint Collections

Grouping common endpoints

Probably the biggest change to the AccountRight Live API with version 2 is the introduction of endpoint collections. As the team looked to introduce more functional endpoints like a new /contact endpoint, it made sense to group endpoints into common accounting tasks.

Click the buttons to jump to any given endpoint documentation.

Endpoints coloured are new in version 2