Helpful tools?

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We have got you covered with useful tools to help assist in unlocking the awesome power of REST and the JSON data-interchange format that are readily available online for everyone.

Google Chrome Extensions

For our Google Chrome users a couple of must have REST applications:

Advanced REST client (free)

The MYOBapi team find themselves often making use of ARC to help them debug HTTP requests and quickly explore API calls & responses.
Install Advanced REST Client

POSTman (free)

POSTman is a great tool that helps you quickly and easily test and explore APIs with little to no code required
Install POSTman

Proxy Apps & Services

Proxy utilities provide a great way to inspect traffic you are sending back and forth

Runscope (free & paid)

'Solve Errors Fast' is the tag line for Runscope and the MYOBapi team find themselves often making use of Runscope within projects as it makes inline call debugging super fast and easy.
Try out RunscopeRunscope API Guides

Fiddler (free)

Fiddler is a free web based HTTP Proxy for web development and APIs. The MYOBapi team make use of fiddler at times for testing API calls
Explore Fiddler

Charles (paid)

Charles is a Mac based HTTP Proxy/Reverse Proxy that is very powerful. Charles makes debugging traffic over the local network simple.
Try out Charles

Other Tools

Here is a collection of various other API tools that cna help you work with our apis


JsonLint (free)

JsonLint is a simple online validator that will help you ensure your JSON is valid
Try out JsonLint


InspectBin (free)

InspectBin allows you to simply point your calls at a given URL and start exploring, quite a nifty tool for debugging
Try out